10 of Our Favorite Quora Answers on Heartbreak


By Gabrielle White

We love Quora. Here are 10 beautiful chunks of wisdom from one of our favorite Q+A corners of the web.

When a user admitted to struggling with missing someone 8 months after the breakup:

Screen Shot 2015 07 25 At 2.34.18 Am

Screen Shot 2015 07 25 At 2.35.38 Am

When a user asked why people in love get divorced anyway:

Screen Shot 2015 07 25 At 3.09.28 Am

When a user asked if it was possible to get over someone, even when it felt impossible:

Screen Shot 2015 07 25 At 2.42.50 Am

One user's response to the question how to find love?

Screen Shot 2015 07 25 At 2.58.26 Am

This question came from a user who wasn't sure what to believe when her boyfriend vague reasons for ending a very long relationship, which brought in thoughtful answers like the anonymous one below.

Screen Shot 2015 07 29 At 2.10.04 Pm

In this answer, an anonymous user tells us what it's really like to be cheated on in a marriage.

Screen Shot 2015 07 29 At 2.27.12 PmScreen Shot 2015 07 29 At 2.26.02 Pm

A user who was feeling doubtful about the uncertainties of life asked what it's like to be alone long term

Screen Shot 2015 07 25 At 3.05.03 Am

In a question about coping with the death of a loved one, a therapist shares what it was like for his client to come to grips with his father's sudden death.

Screen Shot 2015 07 29 At 2.58.21 Pm

Screen Shot 2015 07 29 At 2.58.44 Pm

And finally, our founder Ellen Huerta answers a question on  dealing with the end of a long-term relationship .

Screen Shot 2015 07 25 At 3.18.57 Am

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Gabrielle White

Gabby is a Contributing Editor at Mend. Her ultimate heartbreak cure is a repeat cycle of rooibos tea, puppy snuggles, and salted dark chocolate.


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