10 Things to Do Instead of Checking Your Ex's Instagram


If you are about to go down a social media rabbit hole, then we can promise that anything on this list is a much better option. Sometimes you just need a distraction, or ten, to get you through a desperate moment of curiosity. So, here are 10 things to do instead:

1.  Listen to Serial , the addicting murder mystery podcast  from the creators of  This American Life  (serialpodcast.org)

2.  Watch a hilariously inconvenient interview with Molly Sims (hellogiggles.com)

3.  Dance around in your room until you start sweating (youtube.com)

4.  Learn how to build a website with HTML and CSS (codecademy.com)

5.  Sign up for free online classes from universities around the world (edx.org)

6.  Listen to Chef Ludo Lefebvre describe the perfect omelette (kcrw.com)

7.  Poke through the New York Times' Modern Love column archives (nyt.com)

8.  Learn how to do the perfect cat eye with Alexa Chung (youtube.com)

9.  Check out these 23 maps and charts that will surprise you (vox.com)

10.  Watch this oddly captivating tutorial on how to make a rainbow cake (youtube.com)

So much healthier than sleuthing, right? 

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