10 Things to Do Instead of Insta-Stalking Your Ex's Ex


Have you ever accidentally almost liked an ex's Instagram photo? Then this post is for you. Here are 10 things to save you from the ex Instagram abyss.

1. Watch one of the 10 Ted Talks every 20-something should watch (thoughtsaboutnothing.com)

2. How to light a grill the right way (vice.com)

3. Conquer your fear of public speaking (collegeprepster.com)

4. What to do when you're in a quarter life crisis (careergirldaily.com)

5. A video of what it's like to break up with someone you still love (buzzfeed.com)

6. 15 hilarious reasons someone is not texting you back (washingtonpost.com)

7. Learn how to get the haircut you want from our favorite beauty experts over at ITG (intothegloss.com)

8. Try three stress-relieving breathing techniques (theeverygirl.com)

9. Hear the case for a 32-hour work week (theatlantic.com)

10. Try these 10 ways to detox daily (thechalkboardmag.com)

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