10 Things to Do Instead of Looking at Your Ex's Holiday Party Photos


We know the next few days will be slow at the office for a lot of you, and you might be tempted to fill the lull with extra scrolling and clicking (i.e. checking out your ex's Instagram to see if they brought anyone to the company party).

If you start to get sucked into the vortex of ex snooping, here are 10 more interesting, fun and productive ways to spend these last moments of 2014. 

1.  Take this crash course on bitcoin (vox.com)

2.  Listen to Good Food's roundup of their best segments from 2014 (kcrw.com)

3.  Listen to three writers talk about writing (npr.org)

4.  Learn how to order wine from Jordan Salcito, Momofuku's beverage director + founder of Bellus Wines (intothegloss.com)

5.  Enjoy Sasha Frere-Jone's tour through the music of 2014 (newyorker.com)

6.  Revisit 12 SNL highlights of 2014 (salon.com)

7.  Check out Maria Popova's definitive reading list from 2014 (brainpickings.org)

8.  Watch this 2 minutes School of Life video on resolutions (youtube.com)

9.  If you're mourning the end of Serial, fill the hole in your podcast heart with Gilmore Guys (hellogiggles.com)

10.  Get some 2015 inspiration from Woody Guthrie's resolution list from 1931 (businessinsider.com)

Stay strong!

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