10 Things to Do Instead of Re-reading Every Old Text Message from Your Ex


We know it's hard, but it is possible to save yourself from the dark abyss of rumination or online sleuthing. All you need is something else to do with your time. Here are ten great ideas.

1. Listen to Episode 2 of our new favorite podcast, Invisibilia: "What would happen if you could disappear fear?" (nprinvisibilia.tumblr.com)

2. Download SideChef, a free step-by-step cooking app, go grocery shopping and cook yourself a meal (sidechef.com)

3. Learn 8 tips for studying smarter (vox.com)

4. Watch/listen to Clint Eastwood breakdown the anatomy of a scene from American Sniper (nytimes.com)

5. Listen to Congressman John Lewis reflect on Selma and the act of non-violence (onbeing.org) 

6. Read Maria Popova's beautiful review of Our World, Mary Oliver's memoir on life with photographer Molly Malone Cook (brainpickings.org) 

7. Check out TLC's Kickstarter campaign for making their final album (kickstarter.com)

8. Watch Sleater Kinney's famous friends sing "No Cities To Love" (youtube.com)

9. Listen to Director Ava DuVernay (Selma) talk about building a career in film her own way (kcrw.com)

10. Learn 9 ways to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life (time.com)

Stay strong Menders!

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