10 Things to Do Instead of Texting Your Ex


Our post 10 Things to Do Instead of Checking Your Ex's Instagram was quite popular, so we're bringing you 10 more Mend-tested and Mend-approved distractions for any moments of weakness this weekend. 

1.  Listen to a free guided meditation from UCLA (marc.ucla.edu)

2.  Check out Vox's complete guide to every person in the Serial podcast (listen to Serial first!) (vox.com)

3.  Listen to Ellen Langer + Krista Tippett speak about the power of mindfulness, the simple act of noticing things (onbeing.org)

4.  Learn why a professor is teaching a course called 'Wasting Time on the Internet' (newyorker.com)

5.  Take an online DIY class from Brit+Co, like Calligraphy or Cake Baking (brit.co)

6.  Preview Damien Rice's new album (npr.org)

7.  Watch Marie Forleo's advice on what to do when you're feeling lost (youtube.com)

8.  Watch a documentary on Netflix (cupcakesandcashmere.com)

9.  Do this 20 minute yoga routine (youtube.com) 

10.  Check out an episode of Munchies, VICE's self-proclaimed 'answer to the glut of sleepy food shows' (munchies.vice.com)

Stay strong menders!

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