10 YouTubers Get Real About Their Breakups


We love YouTube for finding advice from real people who have gone through real situations. Here’s a round up of some of our favorite YouTubers offering their breakup tips and wisdom.

1) Tori Sterling’s big tip about creating detachment from your ex is to “Take the time to be selfish, do what’s best for you and block them. If you can see their Instagram, their snapchat stories, their texts, how are you supposed to get over them?” She also explains that it doesn’t mean doing this forever - just until you feel you’ve had enough time to work on yourself and feel happier.

2) Sarah Burgett shares her experience of going through a breakup and tells us that even at our lowest points, it’s knowing that time that will help you heal as well as having a support system and reminding yourself how amazing your friends and family are. Sarah also says that despite wanting to text your ex or making them see that ending the relationship was the worst decision ever, you have to just accept it. Once you reach that point, you can really start to move on.

“If someone wants to be with you they’ll be with you”.

3) Salice Rose reminds us that there was life before your ex.

“Understand that before you met this person you were ok. You were fine. And after this person you’re still going to be ok, you’re going to be even better.”

4) Danielle from Hissyfit and Meghan Tonjes share upbeat breakup advice right as they’re both going through one themselves. A top piece of advice from the girls is how journaling is a great way to let out all your thoughts instead of reacting and saying everything to your ex as you’re going through the heat of all the emotions.

“A journal is your best friend. There are going to be a lot of things you want to say that will help you, and a lot of things that won’t help you move forward. If in a few months you still want to say them, then you can.”

5) Gaby Dunn talks about her experience of being the person who gets broken up with. She says how easy it can be to put all the blame on the other person and feel like the victim, but that you have to take responsibility for your part in it too.

“I have to listen when they tell me, even if I don’t like, what they’re saying. I have to be less quick to anger.”

6) That Girl Shae talks about being broken up with at work and how to handle your ex getting back in touch asking to meet up after they’ve seen you some time later.

“After that, I deleted him from my life. It was a scar that had been left open but since this message, I told him never to message me again and it felt so freaking good!”

7) Shani Grimmond records a video 2 weeks after a breakup about the difficulties of being the one who has to do the breaking up despite the person you were with being an amazing partner. Shani says that even when you’re the one ending the relationship, the raw heartbreak is real nevertheless, and you still need that support.

“The most important thing when you’re going through breakups is to make sure you have friends and family to support you because that’s honestly what’s made this whole process so much easier than what it could have been. I would have been a wreck.”

8) Clarareadsbooks talks about coming out of a 6 year relationship and explains how a combination of being around her family, walking, being in nature, taking care of herself, therapy and getting a dog has helped her heal.

“Something really good to come out of this is getting an emotional support animal.”

9) Julia Borycka shares super wise advise about always choosing the people who choose you and that life is ever-changing. The only thing we can do is learn from it, embrace it, be open to all outcomes (including the possibility of one day getting back together) and not try and control people.

“If that person has left, just let them go. Don’t chase after them. They have left for a reason. I really believe that sometimes people can leave, and even they don’t know why.”

10) UK YouTuber Katie Snooks talks about the breakup of a serious relationship and calling off an engagement. Her main tip, is to say ‘yes’ to more opportunities, focus on yourself and do things that make you happy.

“Being newly single is a great way to start putting yourself first. Run that bubble bath, start reading your favorite books again, join a new class. After I ended my relationship, incredible opportunities started coming to me and I feel like that’s because I started saying yes more”