12 Ways to Reward Yourself for Maintaining No Contact


By Katerina Torres

It’s incredibly difficult to remain no contact with your ex. I’ve caught myself making up “logical” reasons why I must reach out to an ex. A quick look at my past journal entries, though, and I’m quickly reminded not go back down that road again.

I won’t lie, it’s hard to keep up the motivation for no contact when you don’t really have any tangible reward at the end. Sure, you’ll feel better and be on a stronger path toward healing, but chances are you’ll be heartbroken and missing that person for a while so how else do you get yourself to the next finish line? That’s when it’s good to implement your own reward system. Here are a few ways to treat yourself for remaining no contact, they’ll take you from short-term to long-term milestones.

Indulge in a full day of Netflix bingeing.

Get a new book to read.

Enjoy a relaxing mani/pedi.

Buy yourself concert tickets for one of your favorite artists.

Plan a Sunday fun day brunch with a friend.

Buy yourself a beautiful new pair of shoes (or sneakers whatever is more your speed).

Subscribe for that beauty/wellness/food membership box you’ve been eyeing.

Treat yourself to a fancy dinner out at one of the best-rated restaurants in your city.

Plan a short weekend getaway to a place you’ve never been before.

Sign up for an online class to learn a new skill that’ll help you reach your goals.

Get tickets to that career or wellness conference you’ve been wanting to attend.

Book that dream vacation overseas.

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Katerina Torres

Kat is a contributing writer. When she’s not cooking up new vegan recipes, she’s binge-watching way too much TV. Her goal is to be your daily dose of positivity, whether through her writing, videos, or social media posts. You can watch her share bite-sized wellness tips in her video series called Tub Talks.

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