13 Relatable Memes That Truly Capture Heartbreak


By Katerina Torres

Memes have a way of bringing us laughter even when it's pointing out unflattering qualities about ourselves. They're relatable and honest and most of all, they're light-hearted. We don't feel judged even though, let's be real, every meme is judgy. Instead, it's become a way for us to connect with one another. By sending them to each other we're actually sharing little bits of ourselves that we might not want to blatantly share. 

I'd argue that the most relatable of all memes are the ones that capture what it's like to be heartbroken. They nail the nitty gritty details of what goes through our minds after a breakup and they allow us to laugh at ourselves a little. We thought we'd share a few of the breakup memes that are spot on about the ups and downs of heartbreak so you can giggle, relate, and know you're not alone.

When your mom is extra nice to you because you're heartbroken.

When you wish you could hit erase on the relationship.

When you make the mistake of checking your ex's social media.

When you've played out your breakup playlist but you just can't stop.

When you just can't get yourself out of bed the day after your breakup.

When Netflix has become your new BFF.

When you start trying to pick up the pieces.

When you have your first GNO after your breakup.

When all of your friends start getting in serious relationships but you still haven't gone on a date after your breakup.

When you're sick of everyone telling you "it's going to be okay."

When you're trying to be social again but you're just not feeling it.

When you're getting rid of all your ex's things.

When your favorite comfort food is the only thing getting you through the day.

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Katerina Torres

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