15 Reasons I Want to Stay Single After a Serious Breakup


By Violette Claire Anderson

1. I am traumatized from what was.

2. I am not ready to try again. When I say I’m not ready, I mean…I AM NOT READY.

3. That guy is cute, and I am going to stare at him shamelessly.

4. My priorities have moved away from a boyfriend to my friendships, and I like it. They were always cooler than you anyway.

5. I am currently in a “Fuck love. Love is bullshit” state. Now that's no way to start a relationship, now is it?

6. This one is important…I am NOT ready to give up my breakup bod.

7. I want to dance freely, without an awkward-shoulder-jiving-dance-clueless boyfriend at my side.

8. I want to blast T-Swift whenever the fuck I want. Just try to stop me.

9. I do not want to keep track of both my own, and someone else’s daily schedule.

10. It’s about time I pay attention to myself.

11. No I do not want breakfast burritos, chocolate croissants, a cheeseburger, and fries, followed by a milkshake.

12. No I do NOT want to learn about fantasy football and pretend to give a fuck.

13. Did I say I’m not ready to give up my breakup bod?

14. What is that word you say? Trust? Hmm I think I once knew what that was…

15. I repeat, I am not ready.

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Violette Claire Anderson

After spending some time “finding herself” in Australia and Bali, Violette has settled down in Santa Cruz to finish her last year of school. Within her journey through life, writing has been one of her many forms of expression. Violette can usually be found doing yoga on the beach, or dancing to Michael Jackson in her room.

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