2 Perfect Poems for Moving On


By Alessandra Rizzotti

when the daughter of the ex-boyfriend calls the ex-girlfriend
i am letting her know that her ex-love is dying
i decided to do this so that
she could have closure
but who am i to decide that
i guess i just wanted to know how she felt
i think he still loves her and wishes they were together
he has a picture of them
"getting married" in a Coke commercial
sitting by his bed
she is sending him a note today
i wonder what it says
she is sending me pictures
i wonder what i'll see
what if he dies
before the note gets there?
what if the closure between them never happens?
i just want to know that he is capable
of loving still
if not with me

when friends go away to the families they create, but that's just an exaggeration because i'm depressed
the reasons i'm staying in this city
are all just fabricated excuses
if i leave, i won't have friends anymore
all my friends are here, after all
but they're all getting knocked up
so i rarely see them anyways
if i leave, i won't be near my doctors
and i'll become more paralyzed without them
but there are doctors everywhere, really
if i leave, i am a coward
not facing myself
because if i leave, my problems follow
but these are all ifs
so i shouldn't be concerned, really

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Alessandra Rizzotti

Alessandra has written for Heeb, Smith, Neave, GOOD, Idealist, HelloGiggles, the White House, Little Darling, and Takepart. Over 30 of her monologues have been published in four of Grammy winner Alisha Gaddis' "Monologues that Are Actually Funny" books for Hal Leonard Applause. Her six word memoirs have been published in Harper Perennial’s It All Changed in an Instant, Six Word Memoirs on Jewish Life, and Six Word Memoirs on Love and Heartbreak. She lives, works, and beekeeps in Los Angeles, where she was born and raised.

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