25 (More) Legitimate Things That Go through Your Mind After a Break Up


By Nicole Cifani

I sit alone in the cafe.
The person next to me isn’t scary.
I’m not afraid of humanity.
People are actually ok.
We all mean well. We’re all doing our best.

The place where my heart fell out has been replaced
by a space that is better.
There is real estate.
I suddenly feel alive.

Why didn’t I see my friends more?
Why didn’t I appreciate this city more?
Let’s go uptown.
Let’s walk and talk.

We all just want to be happy.
Yet selfishly, it’s hard to be grateful.
Sometimes we hide in the relationship
losing sight of the possibilities.

So I’m dividing up our stuff.
I found a new place to live.
I’m stronger than I thought.
"Guts on your blouse" -
finally listening to the lyrics.

Recovery may take time.
That’s ok.
My home is within this new and empty place.
Possibilities are visible there.
The future is real. It’s no longer just for dreamers.

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Nicole Cifani

Nicole is a writer and digital strategist living in New York. You can read some of her writing at LA/NYC (link below) where she regularly posts personal essays related to her Manhattan experience, or visit tinywords.co where she writes about technology and culture.

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