3 Smart Ways to Keep Yourself Vulnerable


By Gabrielle White

1. Stay courageous.

"When I ask people what is vulnerability, the answers were things like, 'Sitting with my wife who has Stage III breast cancer and trying to make plans for our children,' or, 'My first date after my divorce,' 'Saying I love you first,' 'Asking for a raise,' or, 'Sending my child to school being enthusiastic knowing how excited he is about orchestra tryouts and how much he wants to make first chair and encouraging him... but knowing that's not going to happen. To me, vulnerability is courage. It's about the willingness to show up and be seen in our lives. And in those moments when we show up, I think those are the most powerful, meaning-making moments of our lives even if they don't go well. I think they define who we are." -Brene Brown, On Being with Krista Tippett

2. Authorize yourself to feel all the feelings.

"If you are alive and if you care about people, great ideas, or the world itself, then you are always going to be open to having your heart broken. When you love and the love isn’t returned; when you give something your all and it doesn’t work out. When you offer your best thinking and it is rejected, or when your furry friend dies. With any of those things, if you put yourself into it enough to matter, and you are turned down, told you are not the right match — that’s when your heart gets broken." (amyssmartgirls.com)

3. Just get on with it. 

"You’ve got to break free at some point. Take the shield off. Go write that letter you’ve been thinking about for the last five years. Tell someone you’re sorry, even if you think it should be them coming to you. Write that novel that’s dying inside of you. Just jump. I promise it won’t be as bad as you think it will be." (tinybuddha.com)

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Gabrielle White

Gabby's ultimate heartbreak cure is a repeat cycle of rooibos tea, puppy snuggles, and salted dark chocolate.