5 Podcasts To Start Your New Year With Inspiration


We love how intimate and motivating podcasts can be, so we rounded up 5 podcasts that will help you start your New Year with inspiration. Here are our five podcast recommendations that will help start your New Year with some serious inspiration. We hope these podcasts help get your New Year started on a positive note!


1. The Minimalists

If you enjoy the documentary "The Minimalists" on Netflix, you’ll love the podcast where The Minimalists founders Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus talk about what it means to live a meaningful life with less. It's the perfect podcast if you’re looking for more ways to discover happiness and purpose.


2. This Is Why You're Single

If you’re after something funny, light-hearted, real and relatable, definitely add this to your list. Inspired by Laura Lane and Angela Spera’s dating and relationship experiences, this podcast is not only hilarious but also makes you feel normal when it comes to the woes of dating.


3. That’s So Maven

Presented by Davida from the Healthy Maven, That’s So Maven is a weekly health and wellness podcast. It's the perfect listen if you’re looking to cultivate a more balanced and intentional lifestyle in the New Year. It features honest conversations with people in the health sphere who share their struggles and journeys to wellness.


4. The Almost 30 Podcast

Hosted by blogger Krista Williams and actress and Soul Cycle instructor Lindsey Simcik, the "Almost 30" podcast makes you feel like you’re chatting with two friends over brunch, and that's why we love it. The weekly episodes feature guests from the health, nutrition, mindfulness and wellness industries.


5. Love Is Like A Plant

We had to include Mend founder Elle Huerta’s podcast that she co-hosts with friend Sarah May B. Love is Like a Plant is a podcast about relationships, dating, sex, and heartbreak. It's full of inspiring advice and wisdom that will help you reflect on your love life and think about things differently. They were on hiatus while Sarah May B had a baby, but they're back with new episodes. 

At Mend HQ, we're also very excited to launch our second podcast in 2018. Stay tuned and happy listening!