52 Ways to Break Up Is Back


By Jessica Munoz

Surprise Them. Say it First. Get a Cold.

These are just some of the wide-range of breakup types that Megan Rosati plays out in the relaunch of her web series 52 Ways To Break Up. A few months back, we were able to speak with her about heartbreak and why she created the series and we could not be happier that season 2 is up! These all too relatable situations manage to be hilarious and heart-wrenching at the same time.

One of my favorite episodes is Compare Notes, where Megan plays alongside Youtube star Anna Akana. It has been a long-standing piece of advice to not compare new beaus to exes, or even to a friend's significant other. But what happens when the details of your latest amazing date parallel exactly to that of a friend's beaus dating style?! In this episode, you'll see what happens when an all-too-confident player's seemingly seamless game gets stopped in its tracks!

And then, in Have Enough, Megan explores how a relationship between two friends can come to a painful end. Sometimes, the worst breakups aren't romantic. In this episode, dark comedian, Melissa Hunter has literally had enough of Megan's excuses for being an inconsiderate friend. 

Maybe the most heartbreaking episode is Go to Work because it is far too familiar. We see a relationship go through a ringer when a pair's work schedule is just not able to sync. We need to work to pay the bills, but what happens when we are left without time to spend with our lover?

Megan's next series of break ups airs in November and we can't wait! To see what other projects this writer/actress/producer extraordinaire has in the store, visit her here </3

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