7 Videos That Will Inspire You To Spring Clean Year-Round


Decluttering and cleaning your space can be an amazing way to refresh your mindset and get you in the zone to fully embrace and enjoy a new season in your life post-breakup.

To make it less overwhelming, here are some of our favorite inspirational videos to get you motivated:

Margot Lee shows us how to spring clean a college dorm room or small space. She offers tips on clearing out clothes, makeup and how focusing on smaller areas bit by bit can make the process more enjoyable and more effective.

Nikole gets super focused and shows us the power of making a list before you begin, the types of cleaning products to prepare, diffusing essential oils and how to tackle your bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen.

Nastazsa offers some great tips on creating minimal surfaces and spaces that encourage healthy habits!

Amy focuses on tips and tricks for spring cleaning your wardrobe and curating your closet

Jessica takes us along on her spring cleaning routine as she spruces up her family home.

If you're on the clock, Hermoine Chantal shows us how to effectively and thoroughly tidy up a messy bedroom quickly!

Last but not least, Carly shares how she keeps her house clean and organized. This one is packed full of tips!

Happy Cleaning :)