8 Exciting Ways To Take Your Date Outdoors


By Candice Lim

We spend enough time bearing the frigid temps of our office air conditioners, so when the sun's out we want to be too. If you're looking for some weekend plans that'll take you and your date outdoors, we've got a few ideas up our (short) sleeves.

1. Plan a tour of your favorite TV show/movie shooting locations.

Make a list of your favorite TV shows and movies. Chances are, they were filmed in Los Angeles or New York. Shows like "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" and "New Girl" commonly feature Downtown LA landscapes and if your date is a "Sex and the City" fan, New York City is full of Carrie Bradshaw hotspots. For "La La Land" fans, LA is a prominent character in the film and sites like Discover Los Angeles have done the work for you by mapping out your favorite scenes! For your next date, plot out where these shows have filmed, grab a map, and jump in the car.

2. Bike around the city.

A date on wheels is a great way to be active and take a fun tour of your city. For New Yorkers, Citi Bike is a fun way to get around Central Park. If you’re in Los Angeles, your best bet is Venice Beach, where you can bike up and down the boardwalk then walk through the Venice Canals. If you’re in London, riding a bike through Hyde Park or Primrose Hill will put you right in a movie.

3. Takeout picnic in the park.

Picnics are a well-known date activity. Instead of making food, pick up an order of your favorite takeout, throw in a bottle of champagne, and you’ve got yourself a date. Bring a blanket, a Bluetooth speaker, and if you stay out long enough, you can catch the sunset together.

4. A beach night out.

A beautiful time of day to walk on the beach is at sunset. The colors are beautiful, the weather is cool, and it's romantic. Time it right and you can turn your fun day at the beach into a romantic stroll.

5. An afternoon at a ball game.

A baseball game is fun! You can get tickets for cheap, and it’s not really about the game—it’s about the energy and excitement of the fan section. A baseball game is also a great way to talk to your date with entertainment right in front of you. It also makes for a great double or group date option.

6. A walk through the botanical gardens.

For city dwellers, a botanical garden is as zen as it gets. Places like the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, the Huntington Japanese Garden, and the Getty Center Garden will provide an outdoor oasis for you and your date. With beautiful colors and fragrant flowers, botanical gardens provide an ideal backdrop for engagement photos. It's also a great place for that first kiss.

7. Jam out at an outdoor concert.

There’s something about an outdoor concert that makes the summer vibes come alive. Los Angeles has venues like The Greek Theatre and The Hollywood Bowl. Screaming your favorite songs into the night is cathartic, fun, and exciting.

8. A ferry ride away from the city.

For those in coastal cities, there’s always a ferry docking nearby. Take one and see where it leads you! Boats are a great way to see your city from a distance and—imagine how beautiful that skyline will look at night. They’re usually cheap and can take you to cool locations like Santa Catalina Island or Governors Island. In London, you can take a ferry to Greenwich Park, which is where Netflix's “The Crown” filmed its exterior Buckingham Palace scenes.

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Candice Lim

Candice is an intern at Mend and a journalism student at Boston University. Her thoughts can be found on Twitter, where she tweets about pop culture, self-care, and the royal family.

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