A Letter from Ellen: Welcome to Our New Site!


By Elle Huerta

I’ve written this launch letter a few times. I scrapped the last version because I realized I wasn’t being authentic in my shorter announcement-style letter. The truth of the matter is that, as I have been building this new version of Mend, I have been going through heartbreak myself, and it’s the second wave of heartbreak from a relationship that ended a while ago. Ironically, I have been so busy with Mend this year that I hadn’t even realized I was going through it. I was speaking with a friend recently about this second wave because they found themselves in one too. We both agreed it’s like the door is almost closed, but you’re leaving it open just an inch. And it’s so hard to give up that last inch.

So when I finally admitted this all to myself, I was immediately reminded why what we’re doing at Mend matters. Heartbreak happens all the time, to everyone (heartbreak startup founders included). It’s not a single event that we deal with once and we’re done. Some heartbreaks come and go. Some take longer to move through than others. Whether it’s big or small, at any point in our lives we are dealing with some change or separation or loss.

Heartbreak is a part of the human experience, and yet the emotional support we need is not always accessible. And it’s very difficult to go through heartbreak without support. It can be a challenge not to get caught up in anger and judgment and blame. It can be a struggle to truly face these heartbreaks and decide that we will grow and learn from them. But if we do, heartbreak can be a transformational experience. And that’s why I’m building Mend.

I’ve spent the last 4 months re-envisioning how to mend more broken hearts. I’m so excited to introduce our new site and app, which allow us to offer on demand one-on-one coaching, online classes and online support circles. I’m also excited to kick off The Heartbreak Cleanse, which puts everything I’ve learned about mending into a 10-day online program. The stories and advice that started this whole journey will still remain core to what we offer (and we’ll be sharing much more!) but I’m so excited to offer emotional support in these new ways.

If you are in the Los Angeles area on Saturday, May 16th, I would love to mend with you in person. I’m co-hosting, along with meditation teacher Megan Monahan, an intimate 15 person daylong retreat on Letting Go. It’s our first retreat, and it will be very special. You can read more about the retreat here and book a spot on our app.

As always, you can drop me a line at ellen@letsmend.com. I love hearing from you!

Sending a hug from Venice,


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Elle Huerta

Elle is the CEO and founder of Mend.

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