Away From a Ledge: A Poem


By Tyrus Huetter

When the walls of the world move in and collapse,
hope is on hold,
negative perspectives relapse.

The vibrant fire that once burned the soul spirit bright
flickers and dies, destiny lost blind in the night.

Until the moment this awkward life is through,
look for strength and motivation in the god inside you.

Repair and rebuild the person now fragmented and shattered.
Live each day thankful and happy as if nothing else mattered.

I'm on your side but feel the need to say to your face:
the world is better with you alive in this human race.

writer photo

Tyrus Huetter

I am 31 and draw inspiration from my constantly unstable, roller coaster emotions. My relationships have always been strained, and so writing has been my coping mechanism. I was first drawn to rhyming poetry shortly after Kurt Cobain died. Then I was inspired by mid 90's rap, which used storytelling to capture people's issues, feelings and situations, which I found amazing.

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