College Breakup Stories That Will Give You All the Feels


By Gabrielle White

1. "We spent hours driving around our old date spots and reminiscing on memories from high school. The love I still had for him rushed back like an overflowing river after a storm. I felt guilty because no one in my life approved of him due to the mistakes we had both made so long ago, but something about him has always felt right." - from What It’s Like to Date Your High School Sweetheart Again (

2. Reddit user Katie posted a copy of the original high school love note that her now-husband wrote her back in 1996. She explained in her comments that they met in third grade and got married in 2009. (

"I think about you often and I've wanted to tell you. I don't have the guts to tell you to your face though."

High School Love Letter

3. In this post, young women share their stories about breaking up before college. This one about breaking up with a long distance boyfriend struck us as perfectly relatable.

"After I went to college, I was suddenly in a long-distance relationship with my boyfriend of three years. I became so unhappy that first semester away. My body was at school, but my mind was always wandering back home. Then I started to become more involved with clubs and friends, and realized I had nothing in common with my boyfriend—and maybe never did. We broke up over Skype, and I didn't expect the extent to which my whole world would open up. I started making new friends and living my life for me. He took it well at first, but then he began harassing me over Facebook messenger. He would go back and forth between telling me I made the right decision and telling me I made a huge mistake. The more he carried on, the better I felt about breaking up with him. Finally I had to block him on all social media. I blame movies for his response to the breakup. They show the 'nice guy' bothering the girl with phone calls and music and poetry until she finally gives in, and it's glorified as romantic. It's stalking! I know I made the right decision, and since we ended things, I've learned so much about how I deal with breakups, single life, rejection, and who I am as an individual." -Sarah L., 18, from Connecticut

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