Demi Lovato Opens Up About Her Post-Breakup Eating Disorder Relapse


We were really excited when Demi Lovato’s highly anticipated documentary Simply Complicated came out on YouTube, but we couldn't anticipate how openly and honestly she would share her story of success and heartbreak with the world.

In it, Demi reflects on both the happy moments of her incredibly impressive career and the darkest moments, when she was struggling with substance abuse, mental illness and the mounting pressure of success at such a young age. 

She also shares for the first time that she experienced an eating disorder relapse after her breakup with actor Wilmer Valderrama last year. In a recent interview with Glamour , she notes it's something she is still working through:  "It’s an everyday battle."  Simply Complicated also serves as a reminder that eating disorders aren't strictly about body image. They are often times a reflection of what someone is going through emotionally, and that's why it's important to seek the support of friends, family and professionals if you're having a hard time coping on your own.

Demi also opened up about her breakup with Wilmer Valderrama last year. She admits how devastating it was initially, and how even now she isn’t sure if she’ll love anyone in the same way again - a sentiment that can no doubt be understood by anyone who's struggling in the face of loss. 

Despite her fears, Demi shows us it's possible to still move forward, even if you still love and miss your ex. And one thing's for sure: her breakup has inspired independence and authenticity on a new level. She's on her own two feet, living on her own and taking on new challenges (dating! kickboxing! recording new music!)  Simply Complicated is a beautiful glimpse into Demi living on her own terms.

In the interview with Glamour, she says:  “I want to show people that it's possible to love yourself. [Doing this documentary] was very therapeutic. I wanted to get things out, I wanted to be honest, and really put it out there.”

Demi reminds us that mending is an ongoing journey, and we can all take small steps every day to heal and keep moving forward. You can watch Simply Complicated on YouTube here.

Photo Credit: Flickr user alien_artifact

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