Heartbreak Hygge: Our Editorial Theme This Fall


Hygge, if you haven't heard, is a Danish and Norwegian word that describes coziness, comfort and a feeling of wellbeing.  For that reason, it feels like the perfect prescription for any heartbreak (romantic or not).  To us hygge means making more time for morning meditation, making tea after a difficult moment, getting outside, learning something new, clearing a closet...hygge is different for everyone. We're excited to explore it with you.

Here are a few perspectives on how hygge can bring more warmth and coziness into your life this season:

"This whole hygge thing is something I might be able to get behind, though. It requires only a small effort, doesn’t ask me to speak to my gym clothes, and costs little—if any—money." 

- Anne Roderique-Jones (via Self.com)

"While Hygge is many things (like going snowshoeing—in the appropriate outerwear, naturally—then coming inside a warm cabin for hot cocoa), we’re mostly into adopting the idea of gathering your family, friends, and loved ones and staying in."

-Alicia Cesaro in (via Coveteur.com)

"It’s about giving yourself a break, and retreating into a familiar, comforting bubble — and that's anything from small gestures like lighting candles or drinking tea, to bigger ones like having a leisurely dinner with friends. With the world being particularly insane right now, it seems only natural that people would like the idea of a safe space away from all of that."

-Marie Telling (via Buzzfeed.com)"

“When I think of hygge, I often think of food, wine, or hot drinks. But even though it might be great fun, hygge is not a word to describe a wild party. It's more about quiet evenings or mornings with the people you love and care for. It's also about creating the right atmosphere”

Mette Hey (via Instyle.com)

“Ultimately, hygge is about not being so hard on yourself, and finding different ways to relax and connect with the people and experiences in your life that bring you joy.”

-Meena Hart Duerson (via Today.com

“It's about acknowledging the simple things in our everyday lives, and making them extraordinary and special. It's a feeling and overall mood of complete comfort and coziness. It's a genuine appreciation for the smallest details that leave you feeling warm-hearted and serene. It is the best way to relieve your mind of sadness and heartache."

-Liz LeClair (via TheList.com)

We're excited to hygge with you. We'd love to hear what hygge means to you, and how you hygge at home. Share with us in the comments!

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