Help Me to Not Remember


By Hanniffa Patterson

Help me…

Not to think of you,
Your eyes deep blue
That saw right through me

Not to reminisce
On moments lost within your arms
Your touch that calmed
my raging storms

Not to think of kisses
Of lips that touched
Of hands and hearts and souls
that merged…

…For I cannot forget
So help me,

not to remember.

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Hanniffa Patterson

Hanniffa Patterson left her island home of Jamaica over 6 years ago to move to the City of Lights and fulfill a dream. Now a savvy Social Media Strategist, she loves helping small businesses make magic on social media. One of those 'creative types', she enjoys performing, writing and photography. Parisian life, relationships, lost love and faith are recurrent themes in her work. What she really appreciates though, is interacting with the strangers she meets and hearing their stories.

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