Here's What To Do If You're Struggling With Loneliness


We often think the cure for loneliness is a relationship, but in this video Matthew Hussey offers some incredibly heartfelt and compassionate insights about how we can feel less lonely regardless of our relationship status.

We tend to put love on a pedestal.

When we’re experiencing loneliness, we tend to put love on a pedestal but undervalue companionship. We tend to think that being with someone romantically is the only way to feel less lonely. However, when we start to value true companionship, we start to choose our romantic partners based on their merits instead of simply being in a relationship to stave off loneliness.

How we think is more important than what we think.

Matthew emphasizes that feeling like we're not understood or seen is a universal feeling. It's helpful to know that how we think is more important than what we think. Pain also comes from feeling like we don’t belong. When we’re lonely, it can feel like we’re being left out. Matthew explains that we’re overvaluing things that go on outside of us. We need to focus on valuing what we're able to bring to the table, instead of what others outside of us may bring.

One antidote to loneliness is knowing that you are worthy.

To find more inner peace and contentment, you need to start by taking personal responsibility and understanding that you, alone, are worthy and more than enough. Loneliness can be synonymous with worthlessness, so sometimes we feel like our actions don’t matter. They do. Your actions have the power to change someone else’s day and how they then feel about themselves (and yourself!). By taking on this responsibility, you start to create a positive domino effect on the world around you. It's a practice and something to be mindful of every day.