How Netflix Impacts Your Love Life


By Gabrielle White

A new study by Netflix shows that our streaming habits make an impact on our love lives. In a survey of 1,008 of its users ages 18-29, Netflix found that 25% said they find people more attractive based on the shows they watch. Another 27% said show compatibility matters in a relationship (notably more men said this to be true than women).

If you’re in the dating pool, the majority of users said a partner who likes funny shows is most attractive, and that favorites such as The Office and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt are most likely to catch a potential suitor’s attention. It seems that the power of this preference may already be understood: 58% admitted they had added shows and movies to their personal profiles to make themselves seem more attractive and to help find a partner.

It also seems that making things Netflix-official has reached cultural ubiquity: 51% said that sharing a Netflix password means things are getting serious, and 17% said they would not share a Netflix password until they are engaged!

It also seems that couples that Netflix together stay together: 58% said they bond over Netflix, 65% said they negotiated with their partner over what to watch, 35% said they take turns picking and trade show for show.

Happy Netflix and chill-ing!

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Gabrielle White

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