How To Create An Action Plan For A Summer of Self Love


By Laura Yates

Summer is here and we can’t think of a better way to spend it than really immersing yourself in self-love! If you like the idea of this but don’t know where to start, then here are some ideas on how to create your very own Summer of Self Love action plan.

1) Set the intention. 

To really cement the idea and make it real, create a declaration to yourself that this summer is all about self love. Writing it down in a journal or somewhere you’re going to see it is a powerful way of affirming this. You can even create a ritual around it such as lighting candles, burning incense or sage, meditating on it or just taking a whole indulgent evening to yourself around it.

2) Create a Summer of Self Love vision board.

Now it’s time to get the creative inspiration going! Self love can mean different things for everyone, so putting together a vision board can help you get clear on what self love means for you and what you want to attract in this summer. Perhaps it could be something you also want to do with friends, if you want to get them involved! We recommend making your vision board on a physical corkboard because getting creative with your hands really puts you in the moment. Light candles, play some fun or feel-good summery music and choose images from magazines, newspapers or printouts that completely represent self love to you. When you have finished, put your vision board where you will see it every day.

3) Set your morning routine. 

Self love is a continuous practice but really starts when you wake up. The morning is so powerful for how the rest of your day unfolds, so what kind of morning rituals could you implement to really make self love the first part of your day? It could be meditation, reading, making yourself a delicious breakfast, working out, self love affirmations? There is no right way to do this - self love is completely unique to you. So this is really about doing anything that makes you feel awesome in the morning and that you’ll look forward to!

4) Make some upgrades.

This isn’t about encouraging you to go and spend lots of money but are there things that you’re skimping on that you would love to splurge a little on? As an example, if you’ve had the same pair of pajamas for years that don’t make you feel great, could you invest in gorgeous nightwear for this summer that make you feel fantastic when you go to bed and when you wake up? Maybe it could be a more luxurious shower gel that smells and feels amazing on your skin? It can be something really simple like a new journal to write your self love affirmations in!

Upgrades can also be inner self love practices like fueling your body with more nutritious food, putting an exercise plan in place or making more effort with your daily outfits. Whatever you’re drawn to, try and make it happen as a gift of self love. You deserve it!

5) Create plans. 

How do you want to be spending your summer? Are you drawn to spending more time at the beach, taking day trips or a vacation somewhere? What kind of things would you like to try where before, life has got in the way? Start thinking ahead now about putting those plans in place. Call up your friends and arrange a date for that BBQ at the beach or that camping trip! Knowing you have fun things in the diary with people you love is the ultimate in self care!

6) Find a token of self love that you can keep with you. 

We love the idea of carrying something small with you that reminds you wherever you go that this is your summer of self love. It could be a coin, crystal, charm, love note, piece of jewelry, even a perfume or scent.

7) Have fun with it! 

There are no rules around self love! So make it your intention that every day this summer you will aim to do one thing to have fun, laugh, be the best, most self-loving version of yourself and experiment. Try something new. Be explorative. See it as a journey where you learn something about yourself.

We hope you enjoy creating your action plan and can’t wait to share this Summer of Self Love with you.

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Laura Yates

Laura is a coach, writer and speaker specialising in helping people to bounce back, relieve stress in their lives, heal and transform their everyday. Laura has been featured in VICE, Glamour,, Eharmony and the Daily Mail plus others. You can find Laura, her blog and website at

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