If You're Heartbroken, Listen To This Meditation


By Wade Brill

Heartbreak can sometimes leave us feeling paralyzed and helpless, especially in the beginning. Some people react by pretending the pain is not there or that their feelings aren’t alive and real. Others might try to numb the pain with excessive drinking, emotional eating or even over-exercising. We search to feel something else stronger so our true emotions don’t have space to vibrate. Do any of these reactions sound familiar?

One of the best and most effective ways to mend a broken heart is to truly feel and experience your emotions. This is often the hardest and ugliest option, though, because, who wants to actually face emotions head on and experience pain? However, when you are able to face them and shine a flashlight on those dark emotions, you recognize they aren’t so scary or big. 


My favorite way to shine light and love on those emotions is meditation. Cultivating self-love and self- compassion is the key ingredient when mending a broken heart, and you can get there by building a mindfulness practice. Creating space to pause with no distractions only with yourself and what is true for you in this moment is the first step to accepting what is. 

Through meditation, you are heightening your level of awareness vs. reacting.  It is the reactions, the fighting upstream and the resistance to unwanted feelings and emotions that can make you feel tired, worn out and hurt even more. So take charge of your emotions. Face them head on. Be with them; ‘out’ them so that they don’t feel quite so scary and dark. Approach them from a mindfulness perspective so you can bring more self-compassion into your life.

During this compassion meditation, you get to scan your body, acknowledge where there are pockets of emotional build-up and recognize what internal recording keeps playing over and over in your mind. Best of all, you get to breathe and send yourself some extra love and warmth. 


Meditating and fully being in the experience of what you are feeling and thinking is so important and helps soften the pain over time. What you want to try and avoid is slipping into the stories behind your thoughts and emotions—the whys, the hows, the ‘what went wrong’. Instead, you simply get to be with what is and recognize and celebrate how lovely, special, whole and complete you already are.

Try to practice this meditation every day for a few weeks to give yourself some extra lovin’ and to help mend that broken heart. Journal after your meditation sessions so that you can explore even more deeply the sensations that arose. Let that light and love flood your body and help you heal and re-energize.

There’s no better moment to start moving on than right now. Download Mend in the App Store and start your free 7-Day Heartbreak Cleanse. We will teach you how to move on, step-by-step.

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Wade Brill

Wade Brill survived cancer at the age of 21 and turned her passion and appreciation for life into her own Life Purpose coaching practice. Wade believes in approaching life with a holistic perspective and strives to awaken the mind, body and soul of each of her clients. Join her mailing list to receive a free meditation download and monthly tips to connect you to your breath, balance and brilliance.

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