Jayla Koriyan On Breaking Up With Her Best Friend


By Kate Paguinto

The fear of being lonely shouldn't keep you in an unhappy or mediocre relationship. One of the hardest things about breaking up is re-learning how to be okay with being alone. 

Makeup artist Jayla Koriyan shares how she moved on from a relationship after realizing it no longer served her. Although she considered her partner to be her best friend, she knew that she needed more from a partner than he could give her. 

Jayla's perspective on heartbreak is important because it's one that we don't always think about after a breakup -- that the trials we go through shape us into better individuals, for ourselves and our future partners. 

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Kate Paguinto

Kate is a Content Strategist and co-owner of Dizzy Cactus. She likes puns, Wes Anderson, and the Oxford comma.

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