Katy Perry Gives A Great Breakup Tip If You Want To Text Your Ex


Being famous doesn't make you immune to heartbreak. Just like everyone else, Katy Perry struggles with wanting to reach out to exes. So how does she suggest you deal with it?

In this video Katy explains that she saves her messages as drafts and sleeps on them: “Sometimes you just need to write it and never send it. It’s just that exercise - that cathartic exercise.” It's such an important piece of advice that it inspired her single "Save as draft."

Writing everything that she'd like to share and not sending it is her exercise in self-control. In the interview, she mentioned how great she feels the next morning when she realizes she didn't send something - and that can be how you feel too! It's a simple tip, but a powerful one. Thanks for the wisdom, Katy!

Photo Credit: corruptkitten