KayyDeanne's Reaction to Her Boyfriend Cheating


By Kate Paguinto

We all know how hard it is to talk about breakups--even to our friends and family. Now, imagine talking about your breakup to over 33,000 strangers on the internet. That's exactly what KayyDeanne did in a video after finding out that her boyfriend cheated on her. 

Although there were times that she could hardly speak through her tears, KayyDeanne remained true and honest about her story, which definitely deserves a round of applause (and a standing ovation).

Fast forward to 4 months after her breakup, KayyDeanne talks about her progress and how much she has learned from her heartbreak in her Breakup Update video. She shows so much strength and courage as she moves forward. Being able to witness her journey will definitely give you the motivation and inspiration to stay #onthemend.

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Kate Paguinto

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