Lea Thau Explores Heartbreak in Podcast Series 'Love Hurts'


By Elle Huerta

Have you listened to public radio recently? 

If not, it just might be the perfect way to pass any lonely moments after a breakup. There is something so intimate about story-focused radio shows like This American Life and StoryCorps that sometimes it feels as if the person talking is right there in front of you. You feel as if you know them.

That's how we felt when we heard Lea Thau's series  Love Hurts . You may recognize Lea's name from The Moth , the incredible live storytelling show she formerly directed. Well, in this series she's telling her own story.

Love Hurts is a four-part series where Lea explores why she has been single for the last 4 years, after having always been in a relationship from 15 to 38. She digs through it all with us, exploring the painful details of her fiancé leaving while she was pregnant and all of her dating experiences afterwards; some good, and some not so good.

Throughout the series, she brings on the men she dated to discuss why things didn't work out, and she even brings on a few dating experts to take a look at her own relationship history and figure out what might be at play. One of our favorite moments is when she interviews a man she recently rejected. 

It's both heart wrenching and uplifting at the same time. It will cause you to put a mirror up to your own dating experiences and the heartbreaks you've endured, and it will make you feel less alone. So grab some headphones, make yourself a cup of tea and get comfortable... 

Love Hurts Episode 1: "While doing a story about online dating, Lea gets her heartbroken, again." (kcrw.com)

Love Hurts Episode 2: "Lea Thau tells more stories from her love life and interviews yet another guy who turned her down." (kcrw.com)

Love Hurts Episode 3: "Lea seeks dating advice from two experts and lets it all hang out." (kcrw.com)

Love Hurts Episode 4: "In this final installment of Love Hurts, Lea talks to a guy SHE turned down." (kcrw.com)

Also, Love Hurts 5 different ways. 

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