Lena Oh's Tips for Feeling + Looking Great Post-Breakup


By Lena Oh

Break-ups are one of the most difficult obstacles that we will all have to face at least once in our lifetime. During this period, we feel pain, weakness, deal with puffy eyes from tears and sleepless nights, and our self-esteem can suffer. This is why I decided to film “Make-up for a Breakup”. 

I hope this video can ease your mind for a few minutes, show you my favorite make-up look, and also remind you that you are a beautiful human being who will overcome this difficulty. 

Embrace yourself; love yourself--just as much as you loved them (if not even more!)

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Lena Oh

Lena is a recent graduate of the University of California, Riverside. During her free time, she loves to film Youtube videos and also finds writing to be therapeutic. She hopes that her work can inspire others and brighten up their day.