Letter to a Past Love: Thank You for Our Breakup


By Johny Walsh

Thank you for our relationship. You brought down my walls and made me open up to you. You kept me up late at night, discussing music and poetry and literature. My likes and dislikes. You allowed me to pour out my dreams and ambitions and hopes for the future. You didn’t judge. You shared with me your likes and dislikes, your dreams and ambitions and hopes for the future. You also let me see parts of you that you didn’t necessarily share with others: your fears, your doubts, and your shortcomings. You taught me how to be supportive and how to understand things that were originally outside of my realm of comprehension. In return, I felt comfortable sharing those things with you: my doubts, my fears, and my shortcomings. You were supportive and I hope I helped you interpret new things, too — things you wouldn’t have necessarily understood otherwise. You brought out the best in me and helped me learn things about myself I’m not sure I would have learned without your influence. You helped me grow as a person, and for all of that, I thank you for our relationship.

Thank you for our breakup. As our relationship progressed, things took a turn for the worse. I saw characteristics and traits in you that clashed with my values and beliefs. What started out as a healthy relationship turned into a completely different animal. I rehash past conversations and interactions and am amazed at my self-image during the rough patches before our inevitable end. I was insecure and self-deprecating. The me I am today is slightly embarrassed, but more than anything else, I can feel her hurt, her pain, and her confusion all over again. I learned the hard way that you can only care about someone so much who doesn’t care about himself. It’s exhausting, and although I wouldn’t have changed how I tried to help and support you, I now see that I deserved better. I’m not here to bash you or even wish you ill-will. You taught me to stand up for myself and to be able to decide when enough really was enough. You helped me grow and become a stronger person, and for all of that, I thank you for our breakup.

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Johny Walsh

Johny Walsh is a writer and actress hailing from the Philadelphia area. An avid reader and writer from a young age, words are her therapy and have always been an outlet for her, especially during her years at boarding school and college. She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

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