Living Single


By Jessica Munoz

If you were to ask me ten years ago where I thought I would be in life today, without any hesitation, I would have told you married with a child on the way, or at least proactively trying for one. I’d figured that was enough time for me to finish school, to date around, to figure out what traits in a partner mattered to me most, and to date someone for enough time for both of us to realize that we were madly in love. Yes, I genuinely thought this was a fair plan that should have been easily manageable to attain by the age of 27. Well I’m here now - 27, not married, sans baby - and my views on how things should be couldn’t be more different. 

I don't have enough fingers and toes to count up the number of people who have expressed their concern for me regarding my happiness based on my relationship status. Onlookers, wide-eyed with furrowed eyebrows: "Jessica, you've been single for a long time. Are you depressed?"

I am the quintessential single woman, living on my own, engaging in all aspects of life, and have been for quite some time. I wake early to chase the sunrise along the ocean on my morning run and I fill my mind with thought-provoking and beautifully executed, literary works on anything that sparks my interest. I take time out of my day to meditate and to luxuriate in scenic walks. I indulge in art of all kinds and am in a constant, unashamed dance moving along to the music within my head (ok, sometimes headphones!) I have a finely-tuned, daily and rather tedious skin-care regime that I'll never slack on because it leaves me with the most youthful of skin. I keep my home clean, sweetly decorated and always smelling of vanilla. I keep my family ties strong because family is everything to me. And I have a great, diverse group of friends that keep me entertained and happy beyond belief. Yet, I am continually met with concerned, and equally pitiful, eyes when asked about my love life.

Through this exploration of my solo life, I hope to shed light on what it’s like being single and content, living in a world where I am constantly being pressured to want a partner. Although I adore relationships and know first-hand of the happiness companionship brings, I do not base my happiness on whether I'm boo'ed up or not. I live with the belief that a lover should be an extension of one's life, not their entire life. I simply don't have that particular extension yet, but that doesn't make me any less or feel unworthy of love. I’m simply living life for myself and have faith that the rest will come organically. I keep my life full and allow it to constantly reinvent itself. And I am thrilled to bring you along for the ride.

:) Jessica

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Jessica Munoz

Jessica is a writer living in Venice Beach. Her guilty pleasure is food competition shows.

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