Meet Sara Shah, Our New CEO

This is my last blog post as the CEO of Mend (!), and I wanted to use this moment to introduce you to Sara Shah in a little Q&A. We talk about where she’s from, why she started her company Mother Yin (which is integrating into Mend), where she loves to drink tea around the world, and how 2020 changed her.

In case you missed it, you can read all about Mend’s next chapter here.

I’m excited for you all to connect with Sara in future newsletters (sign up to make sure you don’t miss a beat), retreats (the next one is focused on healing burnout in May 2022 in Tuscany), courses, and events. I know you’ll love her as much as I do and I’m wishing her all the best in this new role as she shapes the future of Mend. 

Here’s a bit more about Sara:

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Adventurous, Open-Minded, Empathetic 

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Fort Worth Texas, but I spent a large part of my childhood in the North of England. 

Why did you start Mother Yin, and how will Mother Yin integrate into Mend?

I started Mother Yin because I experienced tremendous healing in Bali when it came to my yin energy. Yin energy isn’t necessarily feminine energy, but more so our energy to go inwards, to slow down, to be still. I wanted to bring that healing to women all over, especially those who couldn’t travel across the world in the same way I was able to. Mother Yin will integrate into Mend as a counterpart that lays the foundation for women’s focused healing in body, mind, and spirit. 

Why do you love tea so much?! (Sara and I first bonded over our love of tea and tea houses)

I’ve always loved tea. Tea is the most universal beverage. It provides space for warm connection with strangers, loved ones, or ourselves. For me, making a cup of tea has always been an invitation to slow down and to be present. I am partial to herbal teas, especially since I don’t drink caffeine, so creating the teas for Mother Yin allowed me to exercise my burgeoning culinary skills and create teas that nourished while being unique. 

10 favorite tea shops/houses around the world?

Floating Mountain Tea House – New York City

Tea Drunk – New York City

The Center – San Francisco

Vital Tea Leaf – San Francisco

The Tea House – Santa Fe

Salterio – Barcelona

Artefact – Paris

Ogata – Paris

Jing Tea – London

Artteas – Bali

Most delicious thing you’ve eaten lately?

Seafood in Matosinhos Portugal. I’ve been spoiled, I don’t think seafood will ever taste as good anywhere except for this suburb of Porto, Portugal. 

Last book you read?

The Snow Leopard by Peter Matthiessen 

And lastly…how did 2020 change you?

2020 forced me to reflect and turn inwards in a whole new way. It reminded me to focus on what I really want out of this life—time with loved ones, a meaningful job that helps others, and a constant openness to growth and adventure. I mostly learned how to slow down, and how to take care of my body in a way I never had before, but I think a lot of the learnings from last year are still unfolding as I answer this. 

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