Meghan Markle Is Our Breakup Hero


By Katerina Torres

Meghan Markle is an American hero—not because she’s a talented actress, not because she married into royalty, and not because she’s an activist (though all of that does make her pretty badass). She’s a hero because, despite any heartbreak from navigating a divorce, the Duchess of Sussex managed to flourish.

Markle evolved as an actress, activist, but more importantly as a woman standing firm on her own two feet. It’s because she lives in her truth and her passion that we fawn over her most. And, well, it doesn’t hurt that she married Prince Harry, in one of the most eventful royal wedding ceremonies we’ve witnessed to date.

But she didn’t always feel “enough.” In an issue of Darling, she wrote about the struggles of coming up as an actress—crawling into her burned-out car through the trunk because its doors wouldn’t open—and shared the moment when casting director April Webster pried her eyes open enough to make her realize her own self-worth. “I had never met her before, and at my very first audition for her, she stopped me mid-scene and said so simply, ‘You need to know that you’re enough.’”

That wake-up call rippled through her life, especially where it mattered. Markle was cast on “Suits,” a show she credits with not just changing her career, but also her life. And, while we don’t have Meghan Markle on speed dial to serve us her best breakup advice, we can always lean on her “Suits” character, Rachel Zane, for a couple one-liners that’ll get us from heartbreak to happy days. If playing Rachel helped Markle “discover that I am enough” then she’s certainly got something worthwhile for the rest of us.

When you gave it all you got…

If it’s not meant to work, it just won’t. Which is why things didn’t end up all Brady Bunch in her first marriage. But when the love is worth it, you’re all in. Think about the pressure and responsibility of marrying into the royal family. Yet Markle is managing it with such grace and poise.

When your ex thinks you’re just going to cry over them forever…

No. Everyone goes through the mourning phase, of course, but that doesn’t last forever. Eventually, you pick yourself up (don’t worry, we’ll help you get there) and start creating the life you know you deserve. Your ex didn’t see that one coming!

When you’ve made it your goal to get through this...

Getting past this bump in the road is top priority. Have you checked into Mend? We’re glad you’re on it. It’s time to transform the pain of heartbreak into the power of YOU.

When your best friend is dying to set you up on a date...

You’re ready to jump back on the dating train and your best friend is itching to set you up. Don’t dismiss her efforts! Remember what happened when Meghan Markle’s friend set her up on a blind date? If only we all had friends that were that good.

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