Music that Mends: Two Door Cinema Club + Icona Pop + Haerts


Two Door Cinema Club – Changing of the Seasons

“I’ve worn out all the reasons to keep knocking at your door. Could be the changing of the seasons, but I don’t love you anymore.”

There’s always that one person you could never tie down, and it’s a beautiful thing when you are finally strong enough to walk away. Whether you’re at that point now or working towards it, this can be your anthem.

Icona Pop – Just Another Night

“I think you’re hanging out somewhere downtown. I wonder who you’re dancing with now. Are you doing the same?”

A feisty track to throw on the next time you’re getting ready for a big night out and feeling pangs of nostalgia for your ex.

Haerts – Wings

We were hard pressed to choose one song off this EP because there are so many heartbreaking odes to love (and lost love), but try starting with our old favorite Wings (“People never smile to say goodbye”) or the newer track Hemiplegia (“No you can’t move up with your eyes down”).