Sarah Rae's Breakup Story + Tips On Single Motherhood


By Kate Paguinto

A breakup between two people is hard enough, but when you add two kids and infidelity into the mix, things can get downright messy.

In this video, makeup artist Sarah Rae talks about how she got out of a toxic relationship with the father of her children after he cheated on her. She describes the struggles of being financially dependent on her partner and how she eventually realized that she was fully capable of raising two children on her own. As Sarah reflects on her past relationship, she shares ways in which women in a similar situation can gain independence from their partners. 

What's great about this video is the honesty with which Sarah Rae tells her story. Her journey with heartbreak and motivation to move on are truly inspirational.

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Kate Paguinto

Kate is a Content Strategist and co-owner of Dizzy Cactus. She likes puns, Wes Anderson, and the Oxford comma.

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