Sarah Rae Shares 10 Tips For Getting Over A Bad Breakup


By Kate Paguinto

Sometimes breakups call for a celebration (and a cupcake)! You may remember a video we shared a while back of Sarah Rae talking about her decision to be a single mom after her partner cheated on her. In the video below, we see her celebrating one year of independence since she made the big decision to leave her toxic relationship behind.

What's truly inspiring about it is her incredibly cheerful attitude despite the struggles she faced. Throughout the video, she can't help but smile from ear to ear as she shares some advice on how to deal with heartbreak.

In her words, "I'm here to tell you that it's totally okay, you're gonna get past it, you're gonna be happier than ever and life goes on."

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Kate Paguinto

Kate is a Content Strategist and co-owner of Dizzy Cactus. She likes puns, Wes Anderson, and the Oxford comma.

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