Team Mend Shares Their Worst Breakups


By Katerina Torres

Breakups are painful any way you slice them, but there are definitely the ones that stick out more. Whether it’s where your ex opted to break the news to you or when they called it quits, some breakups just feel harsher than others. They stay burned into our memory, even if it’s not the breakup that led to the most tears.

At Mend, we often share our dating horror stories, and of course, the details of our breakups. By sharing these with each other, we’re able to unpack some of our more traumatizing heartbreaks. The dialogue that follows each of these conversations also helps us uncover new ways to help our Menders who may be going through similar experiences. The breakups we’re sharing below stung us to the core. We rank them among our worst. We hope that by sharing our hearts with you, you know that we truly understand how unfair breakups can be.

"Mine happened in line at a food truck festival on a really cold and foggy day in San Francisco. I thought he was flustered about choosing between Indian and Mexican, but really he was just about to break up with me. I’ve been through more significant relationships and breakups since then, so I would no longer call this one the “worst” but this one definitely changed my life because it gave birth to Mend. I am forever grateful."

—Elle, Founder & CEO

"My worst breakup happened at an IHOP on Easter. We were looking at the families and children around us when he turned to me and said, 'Don’t get any ideas, that’ll never be us.' The food hadn’t even come out yet, and I sat there speechless as he explained why we weren’t soulmates. (He was right.)"

—Candice, Head of Acquisition & Brand

"My worst break up was my first love. He blindsided me, I was devastated and then he thought it would be a good idea to take me to Disneyland to cheer me up."

—Courtney, Head of Partnerships & Community

"I was 15 and he texted my best friend to let me know we were over. It was young puppy love, but it was my first love and that breakup felt like the most brutal thing at the time. It changed the trajectory of my dating life, for sure. He could have texted me directly, at the very least."

—Kat, Head of Content

If you've recently gone through a difficult breakup, know that you are not alone. There's no one way to get over your ex, but we have a few tips to get you started on the journey to mending your broken heart. Keep busy by redecorating your bedroom or find some time to enjoy nature's healing benefits. Do more of what makes you happy.

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