Thank You, Menders


At Mend, we make it a daily ritual to practice gratitude. From taking time to fill out our daily gratitude journals to celebrating each other’s wins, we always try to maintain a thankful spirit. But given that it’s November, we want to extend our appreciation to you, our Menders.

It’s all of you who inspire us day in and day out. Your kind words, your stories of growth, and the way you open your hearts to us every day mean the world. It’s all the motivation needed as we seek to make Mend one of the most valuable companions for you during heartbreak.

But it’s not just your input that fills our hearts. It’s the way our community of Menders support each other. Menders are kind and compassionate, they stand for everything Mend stands for, and it’s truly a joy to watch this community grow and support each other from all corners of the world.

We hope that what we pour into Mend serves your heart well. And we hope that every day you know how grateful we are to have the most wonderful community of users.

Thank you, Menders!