The Number One Reason Menders Break Up Is This

Mending a broken heart can be isolating. Our aim here at Mend is that anyone going through the pain of a breakup does not feel alone as they navigate the ups and downs that inevitably occur at the end of any relationship. And while our Mender community is incredibly diverse, our community has some things in common too.

Take for instance the most daunting question of all: why’d you break up? For 27% of you, the answer remains unclear. That’s right, more than 1/4 of Menders across 170 countries don’t know why they are broken up. This is followed by commitment (18%) and incompatible lifestyle (17%) as the second and third most cause for a breakup.

Here’s a quick look at the status of Menders’ breakups, the time since reaching out to exes, and reasons for the split.

Mend Info 0818

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