The 6 Female Founded Sex Brands You Need To Know About

Women are at the forefront of another sexual revolution, and we’re so happy to see them lead emerging sex tech brands. Here are just a few making waves:


Unbound, founded by Polly Rodriguez and Sarah Janye, is a quarterly curated subscription box service that sends you a variety of sex toys, lubes, gels and props. Their vibe is irreverent and fun, and their digital mag promotes fun, honest and inclusive conversations around sex and intimacy; for women to not fear or be embarrassed by it but rather, be empowered! Pro tip: follow them on Instagram to keep your feed interesting.

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Launched on Valentine’s Day by Claire Fitzsimmons, Salty is a feminist “NSFW newsletter” that covers dating, sex and relationships for women, trans and nonbinary people. Claire’s intention for Salty is to create a space for all voices to be heard, celebrated and respected and to encourage new ideas and innovation. Sign yourself up for Salty!

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Maude’s motto is “sex made simple” and their beautiful Kinfolk-y design reflects their mission of sexual wellness for all. Co-founders Eva Goicochea (Tinker Watches, Everlane) and Dina Epstein created their unisex toys and lube to feel elevated and essential, and above all, inclusive. If you’re turned off by sparkly neon pink bunnies, get Maude.

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Lorals, founded by Melanie Crystal, is a revolutionary women’s lingerie brand created specifically for oral sex. Melanie developed the brand to help women do what they really want to do and not hold back. Lorals are designed for single use so you put them on for oral sex and foreplay and get to feel everything – it’s the dental dam re-invented. Intrigued?

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Karley Sciortino is the writer and personality behind Slutever, a destination that explores sexuality and relationships through humor, experience, and intellect. In addition to her own writing, Karley is also Vogue’s emotional health expert and also recently launched the Slutever show on Vice (the episode about weed lube is our favorite). We love Karley because she’s open, shame-free and willing to test boundaries – a true revolutionary we are happy to follow.

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Tania Boler launched Elvie with women’s sexual fitness in mind. The Elvie Trainer is a pebble-sized kegel trainer that connects to a smartphone app to track and improve a woman’s pelvic floor muscles. Why strengthen these muscles? Well, a stronger pelvic floor means higher levels of arousal, more lubrication and stronger orgasms for women. We’re in.

On with the revolution!

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