The Mend 2017 Holiday Gift Guide For Self Care


Self care was in the air in 2017, maybe because it was such a challenging year for so many people around the world. As we've all dealt with heartbreaks, large and small, we've had to learn how to better take care of ourselves and each other. Self care has evolved from being a luxury practice to a critical one.

So, this year we've decided to focus our gift guide on self care - gifts that help you better take care of yourself and nourish yourself. Whether you buy these gifts for yourself, your friends or your family, here are the things that got us through the year.

Screen Shot 2017 12 08 At 1.20.51 Pm

1. If You Want To Diffuse Anxiety -  Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser , $56 (on sale)

Screen Shot 2017 12 08 At 1.10.22 Pm

2. If You Never Drink Enough Water But Know You Should -  Swell Water Bottle , $25

Screen Shot 2017 12 08 At 1.22.26 Pm

3. If Your Digits Could Use Some Non-Toxic Love -  Ten Over Ten Gift Certificate


4. If You Could Use Some Self-Soothing Minus The Price Tag -  The Organic Pharmacy Dry Brush , $15 

(P.S. Why you should dry brush)

Screen Shot 2017 12 08 At 1.23.59 Pm

5. If Your Face Is Dry And It's Not Even Snowing Yet -  DeVita Evening Rich Nutritional Moisturizer , $20 (on sale)

Screen Shot 2017 12 08 At 1.08.30 Pm

6. If You Could Use Some Paris In Your Life -  Maison Louis Marie Candle (No. 4) , $34


7. If You're Allergy Prone -  Coway Mighty Air Purifier , $177 (on sale)

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