The Museum of Broken Relationships Wants Your Objects!


By Elle Huerta

You guys, I'm so excited. One of my favorite museums is opening a permanent home in Los Angeles this year!

Okay, I've never actually visited the exhibit in real life, but I have all but experienced it through my two friends who visited the original permanent location in Zagreb a few years ago. They annotated their entire visit and brought back all sorts of gift shop chachkies that I now keep at my desk. They  even left a note about Mend in the museum guest book.

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Originally a traveling exhibit put on by an artist ex-couple, the museum opened its first permanent location in Croatia in 2010. There, the Museum of Broken Relationships offered "a chance to overcome an emotional collapse through creation." Read: a chance to showcase all the stuff from your broken relationships you have stored in a box somewhere.

So if you are hanging on to any items from a past heartbreak, you can now take part in "collective emotional history" by sharing your objects and story with the museum. Each submitted object is displayed anonymously, with a title, the duration/date of the relationship, city/country of origin and a story.

I will certainly be submitting an object and visiting the new LA outpost on May 16, opening day. If you can't wait till then, you might want to check out one of their pop up events around town

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Elle Huerta

Elle is the CEO and founder of Mend. To see her updates and photos of her rescue pup, follow her on Instagram @ellenhuerta.

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