The Perfect Post-Breakup Girls Night In


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By Olivia Lucero

It's finally the weekend. Sometimes self care requires you to climb into your hole and binge-watch your Friday night away into the stars. Alone. However, if you do that every single Friday, and Saturday, and, uh, every Sunday, you’re long overdue for a girls night in. As cozy as your typical Friday sounds, and believe me, I know, try shaking things up a bit! Here are the essentials, but baked goods, face masks, and PJs are also optional.

The first thing you’ll need is a girlfriend or two or five.

Social support has a wide array of mental health benefits. On top of keeping us less down, it also gives us motivation, energy, helps us make healthy decisions, and relieves stress. Girls' night can really just be you and your BFF or it can be your whole squad. Just make sure that you're in the presence of people you feel comfortable with that you can talk to without feeling judged. That last part is important for our next component.

Have a karaoke party or movie marathon.

Okay, listen. Karaoke sounds kind of out there, right? But it is so fun. Especially if it becomes both a karaoke party AND a dance party (even if it's just two people). Search "karaoke" with the name of any song on YouTube. This is why it’s important you’re with people you don’t feel judged by. You need to feel free to belt out that next Adele song and dance wildly to The Killers’ "Mr. Brightside." Or alternate singing Taylor Swift songs about breakups and cry together on the couch (which my friends and I recently did and it was fantastic). It relieves stress, boosts self-esteem (because even if you're not confident in your voice, you have the ability to not care what people think), and it helps build bonds (especially the duets). All good things.

If karaoke isn’t your style, it’s time for a movie marathon. These are super great when your mind is exhausted and you just need to chill and not think for a bit. There are a bunch of John Hughes movies waiting for you on Netflix, or watch "Harry Potter" in order, or queue up some old reliables that will make you laugh until you cry, or cry until you laugh, whichever. Pop some corn and get your sweat pants on.

Oh, and you’ll need wine with that.

In moderation, of course! We don’t endorse over drinking, but we do acknowledge the 80 benefits of one glass of wine. (Yeah, there are 80.) Keep in mind, the health benefits are actually reversed if you have more than two glasses. Some benefits can include:

Antioxidants: The grapes that wine is made out of keeps your cells young and healthy. 
Stress relief: A glass of red really is perfect for unwinding with the girls, because it actually does make you less stressed.
Lungs: White wine makes your lungs function better, which will come in handy when you're trying to draw out the last note of your go-to karaoke song.
Brain power: Older adults who don’t drink wine are twice as likely than those who do to suffer from cognitive impairments when they’re 85 and older.

Plus, it might loosen you up a bit to feel free to sob without judgment when someone dies in your movie marathon, or to really get into your karaoke.

If you’re not on team rosé all day, red grape juice also has the antioxidant benefits of wine that keep your brain and body healthy. (But delicious hot chocolate will hit the spot too.)

Now's the perfect time to text your group chat, invite some girlfriends over, put on some songs or movies, and get a glass of wine in your hand. I know it’s cliche, but honestly, what’s better than laughing until you cry with the people you love the most whilst wearing sweat pants and your fave hoodie? Nothing.

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Olivia Lucero

Olivia studied romantic relationships and personal development for four years at The University of Texas at Austin. A true free spirit, she recently returned to America after farming in Ireland for a few months. Find her at her blog, Free Reins.

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