These Movie-Inspired Dates Will Impress Your Partner


By Katerina Torres

Dating is exhilarating, but it can also be really hard. Where to go? What to do? What is this other person interested in? It’s challenging to come up with ideas that will really impress your date. One can only go to dinner and a movie so many times. In hopes of easing those date night jitters, we combed through some of our favorite love stories from the movies to help you unleash your creativity for your next date. Ready to get romantic?

Canoe Date In “The Notebook”

That iconic kiss between Noah and Allie would not have been possible if not for the what came before it: the canoe date. It’s simple, it’s scenic, and it’s intimate. If you want to limit distractions so you can dig deeper into each other’s intentions, then hit the lake.

Paintballing In “10 Things I Hate About You”

Still early in the relationship? Spend your time together indulging in adventures! Paintballing allowed Kat and Patrick, two very reserved people, to explore their sillier sides. Whether it’s paintballing or an escape room, this is the kind of date that brings out your inner child.

Exchanging Passions In “Pitch Perfect”

Introducing that special someone to something that you’re really passionate about can be very attractive to both parties. For one, you get that excitement from welcoming them into your world and teaching them something new. It doesn’t hurt that your date will gain more respect for you from watching the passion burn bright in your eyes. Watch what happens when Jesse and Beca invite each other to explore the different ways they love music.

Waiting For Sea Turtles In “The Last Song”

Sometimes the best date involves you just being there for the other person while they carry out their passion project. Take for instance the sea turtles “date” in "The Last Song." Ronnie wants to protect the sea turtle eggs from raccoons and Will unexpectedly joins in on the action. This show of support is one of the simplest ways to show how genuinely interested you are in someone.

Uncovering History On Ellis Island in “Hitch”

“You can’t really know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been,” Hitch tells Sara on their first date. He planned a tour of Ellis Island that ultimately leads the pair to a ledger that’s opened to a page with Sara’s great great grandfather’s signature. Of course this level of detail can only be expected from Hitch, but there’s something to be said about infusing history into a date. The world is full of it, it’s up to you to bring it back to life.

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