These Videos Will Help You Embrace Your Single Status


By Katerina Torres

As we travel through our twenties, the engagements, weddings, and pregnancy announcements flood our feeds more and more. With each one, you feel like you’re falling miles behind. It’s easy to get caught up in the comparison game, and much harder to embrace where you are on your own personal journey. But we’re here to remind you that your single days are nothing to dread.

It’s time we stop buying into the notion that we must all abide by similar timelines. Instead, let’s focus our energy on enjoying every second of the lives we have right now. We put together an awesome YouTube playlist that’ll help you look at your single status as a pro not a con. The videos highlight that you aren’t the only one struggling with comparison, and guide you towards taking full advantage of being single.

To get you started, here’s one video about overcoming the quarter-life crisis.

Check out the rest of the playlist here.

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Katerina Torres

Kat is a contributing writer. When she’s not cooking up new vegan recipes, she’s binge-watching way too much TV. Her goal is to be your daily dose of positivity, whether through her writing, videos, or social media posts. You can watch her share bite-sized wellness tips in her video series called Tub Talks.

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