Top Ten Instagram Accounts To Follow For Self Care

Instagram can be an amazing place to turn to when you’re not feeling that great, but only if you’re following the right people who will lift you up! Here are ten of our favorite Instagram accounts to follow for self care.

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Doing Well is the beautiful home of NYC integrative nutritionist Daphne Javitch. After facing her own health challenges, Doing Well was Daphne’s way of sharing what she had learned about using food and wellness to heal. Each caption is packed with tips and tricks that you can apply to your own life.

Alex Elle


Created by author, poet and podcast host Alexandra Elle, this instagram account shares snippets of Alexandra’s inspirational poetry. Whatever one you happen to read, it somehow always seems to be the thing you need in the moment.

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Bea Johnson is one of the mothers of the zero waste movement, and her feed will help you simplify your life and find a gentler way to live. Thinking about your impact on the planet and how to live a more sustainable lifestyle is a great way to take care of yourself that also gives back to the planet and to your community. Bea’s feed is an inspiring place to start this journey!

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Dr. Mark Hyman is a 13x NYT bestselling author and internationally recognized doctor who specializes in functional medicine. We love his feed because he’s an expert when it comes to how we nourish ourselves with food, and he shares his expertise in a way that’s easy to apply to your own life. Follow him for inspiration on eating, recipes and wellbeing advice that is rooted in the latest research on human health.

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Mother Yin helps you balance your mind, body and soul. Founded by meditation teacher Sara Shah, Mother Yin has a foundation in mindfulness and incorporates modern and ancient approaches to women’s health and wellness. We love the calm vibes of their feed, and they also send out a wonderful newsletter we highly recommend!

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Katie Dalebout is a podcaster and author of Let It Out, a space for soft stories. Her feed is raw, real and thought provoking, all with the emphasis on wellbeing and living a life that’s explorative, connected and ever evolving.

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LOOM is focused on health education for everyone, from periods to parenting. We are big fans of the movement they are building with their physical center in LA, classes, services and events. Co-founded by doula and educator Erica Chidi Cohen (above), LOOM isn’t afraid to have the conversations no one else is having.

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Dr. Aviva Romm is a Yale MD who takes a more holistic approach to health, and her feed is full of wellness and self care advice that can make a big difference in how you feel. We love that she focuses on natural and herbal remedies whenever possible – she’s been dubbed “the modern medicine woman” because of her integrated approach to medicine.

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Cleo Wade is an author, activist and community builder, known for her books Heart Talk and Where To Begin. We love her feed because it’s filled with her inspiring poetry and thoughts on love, friendship and life. She’s not afraid to be vulnerable and we love her for that.



Well, we couldn’t leave our own instagram out of this list! We don’t encourage a lot of Instagram use during a breakup because it can so easily turn into a self destructive tool, but we do have a lot of saved stories and content on our feed that we hope will inspire you, comfort you and make you laugh.

If you’re going to be using Instagram, make sure it’s a feed of inspiration (instead of one of dread!)

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