An At-Home Uplifting Post-Breakup Workout To Try

Exercise is a key part of healing after heartbreak because it helps boost hormones that make us feel happier and calmer during times of stress. Some of you will find solace in going to the gym or heading to group barre class, but we also know that a lot of you will not do this after a breakup. Maybe your ex works out at your gym, maybe you don’t feel like leaving home or maybe the price menu at Soul Cycle doesn’t fit your budget.

Whatever your reason for not working out, we have a fitness hack for you and it’s a wonderful human named Cassey Ho.

Cassey makes motivating, fun, and effective video workouts especially for YouTube, which means they are free and you can do them from your living room in stained yoga pants. She was one of the first big fitness influencers, and she’s stayed true to herself as her audience has grown. Her site is chock full of information on wellness, fitness, and nutrition, but you can also just stick to her YouTube channel.

If you want more of a “trainer” experience, you can download the Blogilates app to access her workout videos, a calendar that helps you organize her videos into a workout plan and healthy recipes.

We are a little ashamed to admit that her style was almost too pink and silly for us when we first visited her channel, but we now love her and know she’s a really tough cookie. If you don’t believe us, just try one of her squat challenges.

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